Monday, 8 July 2013

Speak and write in the collective "We"

One of the most important principles of successful communication is the language selection, which brings us closer to the person or persons that we are facing.

In the 'I' as they ask me I can talk. But this may be selfish or what sound.

We talk about 'you', you, you. This can be very effective if we praise or other positive or rewarding to nominate a person.

Or we can talk about that "us" as we, our, ours. It is an act taking to say 'us' - is an act of great scope in the right situations. It therefore makes little sense speak and write in the collective "we" cameras, as in: "to write persuasively, we need to identify the characteristics of our target audience". Or "this is what it is important that we use the images in our PowerPoint presentations." Another example: "the truth is the networking is simple, if we have only a simple activity: questions."

Given the right situation, the reason why it is useful, since "" talk is incorporated into the different flavor between these two statements.

You would be well advised to talk, so that you do not sound like you, your audience speaks in the 'we'.

It would be appropriate to speak of "we" so do not sound as we speak from our viewers.

The first statement is due to the superior angle of the speaker or writer has taken over, which eclipsed the attitude of the teacher/student. If you were teaching or training in any way, a correct, although not the best posture. Communicate in a manner which suggests, "I do not know but." I have good communication to school techniques." Once again, she makes a detailed description, but not necessarily to Curry favour with the public.

If on the other hand is an attitude that puts our audience on the same level with us-, as in the second declaration – we create a more fair situation, a situation where us pompous or howling sound, a situation where our viewers tend to be more receptive to our message. If the State of predominant mood of the first statement, I don't know, but "it is the State of predominant mood of the last statement," we all make mistakes and we all need to remember about best practices. We can all better". We can see and feel the difference and so can spectators.

So the playing field and reduce the distance between us and our audience. This is good to present a fundamental principle in any environment. Connect with the public. We do in the communications group in a way that says: "I am one of you," us collectively to communicate.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tips for public speaking: sharpen your skills for public speaking

It was the last day of my college life. In the farewell of the seminary suddenly asked me which say something about my college life. It was very nervous. My legs began to tremble and my voice low. If I had begun my intervention, I could express nothing more than meaningless BAA... BAA... Sound.

This was publicly talking about my first. That infamous day seemed to me that he didn't have any quality for public space. But today I am one of the most successful speakers to my around. You can you assume, as did this massive change? That's what I say. If we follow some common tips for public speaking, it is one of the easiest things in the world. Today I'm going to talk this tips very often but important to speak publicly.

Memory address:

A structured and formal speech is to speak in public and in any formal speech, address covers a decisive role. Addressing more or less is the same for all types of speech. If you have a unique address from the heart pattern, it will be able to speak to use in his public life for all. For example, you can tell how this folgende-

Honourable President, Secretary serious and very good dear days of hearing. I am here being honored, before speaking.

Or simply...

Honest presence, good morning. I am glad to have the opportunity before you speak.

Confidence in you is a good starting point, and finally will reinforce in the public space.


Brainstorming is effective for improving a lot of skills. But the effective use of exchange of ideas is the most important. Before you think about going to sleep on the stage again and again the themes or issues that could be included in the speech. Write on a small piece of paper and carry it with you on the podium. Try two or three sentences say the songs written in his role. Do not try to brainstorm, while on the podium. You can search who are sufficiently efficient although they keep their speech. But it is not effective, especially for those who are new. Most of the time, occurs trying the new speakers from public on the cover of the podium, his empty brain found and nervous.

Engage the audience

The speech in public space must be delivered so that it creates the sense of engagement with the public. Through some records start the speech, the audience should be able to believe that the speech will give them information or at least help to have the opportunity to have a good time. A successful speaker feels the emotions of the audience and can be understood with success.


It is more important, and more tips to practice public speaking. There is no alternative to the practice. Even more successful speaker have to practice much. Winston Churchill practiced in the mirror before going to sleep before the public. You can also enjoy this method and your speech before the mirror. This reduces to ensure a smooth delivery and fear.

Before completion

Care is required before the end of the speech. Before the end of the speech, listen thanks the public for its patience. Then, take its concluding observations. Virtually say that audience can be applied in their lives. This creates a good impression. And, you know, the last impression is the last impression.

We talk a lot about many issues in our daily lives. But if you were to speak publicly, us to shut up. What is public speaking, and how must be supplied is only due to our ignorance. Decision is in your hand, if you speaking tips to follow and succeed in the public space or the speakers remain fruitless and embarrassing.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Face of the stage

The biggest fear that has the most people, and has been evaluated in this way in many polls. Literally has no more people in their tracks or did faint. A common thing in society is to speak of fright or fear of the public. People like to talk not only in front of people. Even some of the most salient, maintain friendly and social people on a stage and fear is paralyzed. Fear of public speaking is something that often must overcome to progress in many areas of life. In many different situations, we can expect to give to express a speech, presentation, seminar or just our ideas in a certain period of time. While we talk to overcome the fear of the public. We have in front of the stage and not be afraid.

What about public speaking? It is true that any process of speaking, that is before a group. A speaker may be of two to three people or even millions. Examples of presentations of kind of public speaking, motivational talk, meet with business, educational seminars, workshops and staff seminars... They require many careers, speak in a public forum. If you want to become a teacher, you will speak to a large group of students and need to obtain their data. If you are a member, you must speak once again, they are a large group of people constantly and you are able to inspire them. Speaking publicly is present in all areas of life. Although not directly involved in the race, you can entertain a person in front of the people in their work; an example will resonate with an employee. If you need to get a promotion, begin conducting seminars. If you're a student, there is absolutely no way of transportation in a kind of presentation, if not, upon graduation. Public speaking, there are in all different forms of life.

Due to this special ability is so important, it is the fear that will be overcome again and again. This can be difficult since there is fear in many people. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld makes a great joke about the fear of the public talk about the fear of death. The best way, is to overcome the fear just to start talking. When I in high school, I was afraid of presentations. However, it would also try to go first to be done. I only had to face my fear. There are many practices, to overcome the fright, for example in front of a mirror practicing or recording of your own speech. Organizations such as Toastmasters are an excellent way to learn about the public. They offer a pleasant atmosphere and allow people to talk on any subject they feel. Often members are hot seat to talk instead about and. Under the blow of Toastmasters and organizations for example, are a great way to improve your skills in public speaking and overcome the fright.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Four tips to safeguard your content relevant and up to date

As rapporteur, I learned the importance of talking about issues, those that excites me. Thus making it more makes me inclined to make a thorough investigation in preparation for my presentations. I also learned the important thing is to make sure that my content relevant and complete, current examples and information. A speaker may become hearing, which repeats the same old stories, quips and obsolete statistics or cannot apply the theme, for social events. I've seen it happen. Use these four tips in their area of expertise that you and your message to update accordingly.

1. Make Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email of the latest relevant Google results updates. Put your query parameters and, where and with what frequency you wish to receive notifications you wish to receive alerts. Interested in blogs, news, videos, discussions or books? Type a search query based on their priorities and start immediately, get information on these issues in a timely manner.

2 Subscribe you magazines, blogs, newsletters and journals of opinion out. Explore available information vehicles, which regularly on their area of specialization and subscribe to these vehicles. Save these updates and you do once a week to read, keep in mind the important portions of the contents of the update of your message.

3 Use traditional news vehicles. Plan time each week to see the news on TV, listen to talk radio or visit online news sites. Read your local newspaper regularly and read a newspaper from the where you still speak nearest metropolitan area. Learn quickly skim and find nuggets of gold - this remarkable sound bytes, complement and add value to the content of the presentation.

4. Follow the experts. Now according to the expert books write more; Read books by experts in your area for a vision privileged about their experiences and opinions. Along with other experts in the field by groups following on social networks, they are still vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Look on both sides of the questions and become familiar with the controversy.

As rapporteur, it is my job to provide the latest information on my topic. This means that also remove my work is time for additional training on the subject. Fortunately, the Internet offers a variety of easily accessible resources, to maintain current events. This information search and use regularly to update its message and presentations. Your audience will thank you!

A start of the races in her public speaking

Which weekend. I attended my first rowing regatta, Chester Grosvenor Rowing Club at Ironbridge represents. It's team to my American readers.

It is no big deal, you think that perhaps, but an age overweight, average man, who only begin to him paddling in February, I can assure you that it was a great thing. Some have a mid-life crisis and to buy a sports car, I am rowing. Shed the pounds, the team, with the big guys i line and above all I like.

The only drawback was that we lost our race of the regatta. We had our beginnings faster each time. The problem was that the other team (St. Ives in Cambridgeshire) even faster. She was never the gap as a trap dogs and close.

There is an old song that says, "not how to start is how you've finished" but I am afraid, is very much about how he started the race. And in fact the same can be said for the public space. The opening must be strong, or lose it.

It is true that the first 30 seconds of the absolutely crucial presentation to win the attention of the audience. If few lines are interested not in its opening or you feel that your delivery is boring stop hearing them.

Thus in the introduction of his speech, you need to explain what is said, but more importantly, you need your audience to sit and pay attention. Hard-hitting facts, stories, or even jokes are some of the ways you can do this. Shoes are available in your audience and trigger (& and answer) another is their interests and concerns. At the opening of his speech, must answer the question: "what me is there?"

You must enter through the heart for his introduction of the speech, so that you can see and maintain contact with your audience, as well as an atmosphere of trust, to earn the respect of your audience. A timid introduction stumbled is a safe way to solve your audience.

If you have lost support in the first 30 seconds you really fight it on the page, until its natural interest is anyway. It's like our race in ironbridge.

Our race was a 500 meters; It took less than two minutes. The opening was crucial, and while we were good, they were not good enough. I am afraid that in the public space, as made in rowing at the beginning of a direct influence as you!

To speak publicly: the positive effects of nervousness

It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to get rid of your anxiety in the public space. In fact, it should adopt this wonderful rush of adrenaline. If you're not nervous with the idea then I hope as excessively never talk about something good in the public or live anywhere for this topic is.

Yes, nervousness and what makes your body look, has three options: freeze, fight, flight, or mode. We've all seen those stage of frost that where the audience in a rigid posture, looking as his body trembling fear and are not able to pronounce a Word. And as someone who publicly speak has taught for many years, I've gone without a doubt a couple of students, literally the prior to the presentation of the room. We would call this flight desperate!

Battle mode, however, is what you should aspire to, because in this case, it is that it can meet its public, open your mouth and your speech or presentation to deliver. To switch to this mode and learn how to take control of his nervousness, then you have the upper hand in one situation and not their nervousness under control.

How to take control? By:

1. Know your material, which means to practice it out loud over and over and over again.
(2) talk to your audience as if they had a conversation in his living room;
3. Conversation with color, with life, with emotions;
4 believe in himself; and most importantly;
5 look for support to breathe the diaphragm, which is really talking about the best way to control nervousness in some form to the public.

The secret of breathing is that most lazy people aerators with only the upper part of the chest to breathe. The result of this type of shallow breathing means that your body will not be able to eliminate toxins in the blood. If you are not able to remove the blood of toxins, increase your nervousness or panic. Therefore, the first step to stop breathing for a panic attack.

If on the other hand, learn to breathe, with the support of your diaphragm will determine that they feel more and more control, better able to concentrate on the subject (and not their nervousness) you are, and if possible, with its audience, rather than communicate.